Diabetic Footcare

At Moreland Podiatry, we see a wide range of foot issues and Diabetic feet are among them. Diabetes is a condition where your body has too much glucose from either lacking insulin or not utilising insulin well enough to regulate it.

Keep your Diabetic feet in good health

Over time this can cause health issues, including damage to your feet.

There are two main Diabetic feet problems;

Diabetic Neuropathy

This is the lack of feeling to your feet caused by nerve damage. This can result in the foot not aligning properly and incorrect pressure on the soles of your feet. You may not be able to feel cuts and sores which can lead to infection and pain in your feet.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

The poor blood flow to your feet means sores and cuts can take longer to heal. This may cause infection and possibly the development of ulcers or gangrene to the feet.

What are the symptoms?

Our clinic has seen various symptoms of Diabetic feet, and they include:

  • Tingling sensation
  • Numbness
  • Blisters or Sores (without pain)
  • Temperature changes to the foot
  • Foot discolouration
  • Itchy-Dry Skin
  • Slow Healing Wounds
  • Cramps in legs and feet

If symptoms are left untreated you may experience ulcers, infections or gangrene.

How to care for your diabetic feet

It’s important to take special care of your feet if you suffer from diabetes. Simple routines can help to prevent further issues. These include:

  • Nutritional and medical advice
  • Wash your feet everyday
  • Check your feet for sores and redness
  • Never walk in bare feet
  • Put your feet up when you’re sitting
  • See a podiatrist every three months for check ups

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Our Podiatrists can help treat your diabetic feet.

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