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John Georgaras

Originally from South Australia, John has over 20 years experience in Podiatry. After graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor of Applied Science John also studied postgraduate subjects in Sports Podiatry, Paediatrics and Pharmacology at the University of South Australia. In 2001 he moved to Melbourne where he leads a team of highly qualified Podiatrists who share the same values as he does in providing the best client care available. He has also undertaken courses in Prolotherapy, Shockwave Therapy and Foot Mobilisation.

John primarily focuses on Paediatrics, Sports, Biomechanics and complex cases. With his extensive experience in these fields, he has a reputation in the community for being a leading Podiatrist. John enjoys working with seemingly hopeless cases, with faith that he can help where others could not.

John’s reputation is backed by a career in Sports Podiatry. His passion for all sorts of sport is reflected in his work, helping athletes across the board recover from injury and perform at their peak.

John also has a particular interest in Paediatric cases. With the right treatment, most childhood podiatric issues can be corrected, preventing ongoing foot problems later in life. For John, there are few greater rewards than seeing children presenting with issues develop perfect, healthy feet.

For the past six years, John has been supervising final year Podiatry students from one of the country’s leading universities. John believes strongly in education, offering a number of work placements to committed final-year students. He currently employees two team members that were once students from La Trobe University under his mentorship. While the rest of his team did not formally study under John, they continue to learn every day under his mentorship.


For over a decade, Melissa has been an avid athlete. Running at Preston Athletics Club, Melissa has seen her fair share of sports-related foot conditions, both on and off the field.

Melissa fell head over heels in love with podiatry at her uni open day. Being a keen athlete, she was already invested in understanding sport- and stress-related injuries and lower limb gaits. She joined us in 2014 after working in the public sector for three years.

In the private sector, Melissa says, you work with the world: from diabetic neuropathy and vasculopathy to sprains to tendon and bone problems to ingrown nails. Melissa enjoys private practice because it presents her an opportunity to work with regular patients, particularly those with ongoing sports-related injuries or issues with their gait.

The team regularly train together and are a great support. Everyone gets along so well, says Melissa, except when Collingwood play the Crows!


Melanie is another Adelaidean now working at Moreland Podiatry. Melanie has always known she wanted to be a podiatrist, ever since visiting one as a young girl. In Year 10, she did work experience with a South Australian podiatrist. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Podiatry from the University of South Australia, Melanie returned to her hometown of Mildura, where she practiced for one year. Growing up with a keen fascination with the foot, Melanie is interested in every aspect of podiatry, from heel pain to ingrown nails, and everything in between.

Coming from the country, Melanie was attracted to Moreland Podiatry for its community feel. Melanie has worked with whole families since joining the team in 2013: grandparents with bunions bring in their kids with heel pain, who bring in their kids with sprains. One of the benefits of private practice is that you get to know your patients, and truly be a part of their recovery.


Demeter joined Moreland Podiatry after providing podiatric services in Melbourne’s Aged Care facilities. Demeter has always wanted to work in health care, providing the same level of care she hopes her family would receive. 

Evidence-based research drives her practice, with a strong focus on providing personalised, holistic care. Fluent in English and Greek, Demeter often works with our Greek-speaking patients. Her main interests are musculoskeletal and general podiatry.


Sophia graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters in Podiatry in 2016. An alumnus of La Trobe University, John was her mentor in her final year when her placement was at Moreland Podiatry. Placement, she says, gave her hands-on experience, and really helped her prepare for private practice.

 “Moreland Podiatry really gave me my first shot,” she says, “they took me in and showed me what I need to know”. Sophia is interested in general podiatry and diabetic foot care.


Dannielle grew up on the Central Coast of NSW and in 2017 completed her Bachelor of Podiatry at the University of Newcastle. As part of her studies, she completed placements at Newcastle’s John Hunter High Risk Foot Clinic and multiple private clinics across Australia.

Dannielle has developed a keen interest in ingrown nail care, general foot care, nail surgery and diabetic foot care. She has enjoyed working along the rural Mid North Coast region from South West Rocks to Wauchope over the last few years. The most rewarding part for her was taking care of the elderly in areas where services were sparse.

Before her career began as a podiatrist, she worked in retail stores across the Central Coast for 8 years and drew a sense of achievement from creating customer satisfaction. She also has a passion for the beauty industry and art. Dannielle looks forward to providing her patients at Moreland Podiatry with the highest level of professional care.

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