Bunions form slowly over time and can cause swelling, redness and pain at the base of the big toe and ball of the foot. The big toe often points in the direction of your smallest toe. The bump at the base of your big toe can be red, tender and feel warm to the touch.

When to seek help

If you feel pain when walking normally in comfortable, low-heeled shoes, you may be developing a bunion. If the pain becomes persistent or the bump is preventing you from wearing your favourite fashion shoes, then it’s definitely time to see us!

Do you need surgery?

It’s a common myth that bunions always need surgery. Surgery should be your very last resort because the recovery period is often long and painful. The risks can outweigh the benefits.

Some possible problems after surgery:

• The bunion comes back

• The surgery doesn’t correct the problem enough or overcorrects it so that your toe now points inward

• The pain continues and you can’t move your big toe as well as before

Conservative treatment is highly recommended

Many bunions can be helped through conservative treatments. The sooner you seek help, the better the outcomes. We love to help business women, mothers, weekend warriors, cyclists and bush walkers who don’t want pain or discomfort to limit their busy lives.

At Moreland Podiatry, our effective, leading-edge bunion treatment does not require you to miss a day off work or stop any of your daily activities.

If you’re concerned about the appearance or the pain of your big toe joint, please book an appointment so that we can thoroughly assess your feet and give our best treatment recommendation.

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