A person’s gait is often analysed to determine any abnormal foot biomechanics. A Podiatrist will observe, measure, record and assess the way you move and the impact of this movement on your feet, hips, lower back and legs. This will allow correct diagnosis and treatment for the pain.

So, when should you have your gait assessed? If you experience any recurring foot pain, bunions,  heel pain, recurring calluses, or general hip,knee or ankle pain, your Podiatrist may assess your gait to gain insight into why these issues are occurring.

What Does it Involve?

When a Podiatrists assesses your gait, they consider the structure and function of your entire chain of movement. That’s why the assessment is so detailed and includes;

  • A detailed history of injuries, family history, surgeries, accidents
  • Range of motion in the joints
  • Evaluation of alignment problems
  • Stability of hip and pelvis
  • Knee, ankle and foot function
  • Limb length measurement
  • Gross motor skills
  • Balance and function

These tests will identify overactive and underactive muscles to highlight biomechanical problems leading to a range of pain and functional issues.

How Your Gait Can Inform Your Podiatrist

A gait analysis can provide your Podiatrist with an insight into how you move. For example, issues such as out-toeing or in-toeing can cause hip pain, overpronation can lead to arch pain, plantar fasciitis or stress fractures, and underpronation can lead to shin splints and ankle strain.

By analysing your gait, your Podiatrist can determine how your muscles are compensating to keep your body mobile. In addition, Podiatrist may assess your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves to determine if they are overworking, underworking or causing strain to other parts of your body.

Moreland Podiatry – Gait Assessment

If you have any ongoing pain in your feet, hips, legs or lower limbs, it is important to have your gait assessed by a Podiatrist to determine what is causing the pain. Moreland Podiatry are happy to answer any questions you may have about your gait. Book an appointment online or speak to our friendly staff today on (03) 9383 6633.