Blisters are a common issue that occur in the feet due to friction in the shoes or socks rubbing against the skin. They are painful and can affect your walking and daily activities.

This is why it is important to know how to prevent blisters and how to treat them properly.

The Prevention of blisters

  • Avoid poor fitting shoes: protect yourself from blisters by investing in good shoes that are wide and deep enough for your foot type.
  • Wear natural fibre socks: as this allows your foot to breathe and prevents moisture retention.
  • Lubricants: coat your feet with lubricants, eg. Vaseline to prevent friction and rubbing.
  • Protective shield: use moleskin, scotch tape or kinesio tape before doing any intense activities.
  • Powders: if you are prone to sweating in the feet, applying some powders in the socks will help with sweaty feet

How to treat blisters

  • Large blisters/ blood blisters: these should be treated by a Podiatrist with sterile tools. This is imperative to prevent any infections from occurring and prevent a wound on the foot. Often, we will lance the blister, drain it, dress it with sterile dressings and offload with a pad.
  • Small blisters:
    1. Sterilize a needle and prep the skin with an alcohol wipe
    2. Gently lance the skin, starting from the bottom of the blister
    3. Once punctured, carefully drain the liquid by pushing gently with your fingers
    4. Do not de-roof the blister as this can cause an open wound
    5. Apply some betadine and a clean bandage to the area

*If the area does not heal in a week or looks to be infected, please consult a Podiatrist immediately.

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