Orthopedic sandals and how they can help you?

Sandals are quick and easy way to protect the soles of your feet all year round. However, the lack of support in sandals can cause far greater problems to your feet than you may think. That’s why orthopaedic sandals have been developed to give support to the foot with the simplicity of a regular sandal.

Why sandals without support can damage your feet

It is important to provide support to your feet as they are the foundation for your entire body. Without this support the following may apply;

  • If you suffer from over-pronation or poor posture, you may be more susceptible to pain when wearing regular sandals
  • Lack of arch support can cause further damage to pre-existing foot problems
  • You may develop sore heels and weak ankles from wearing sandals for long periods of time without arch support

Benefits of arch support in sandals

Here are some of the benefits of wearing sandals with arch support;

  • Sandals with arch support provide better stability within the foot
  • It can ease foot pain that is caused from standing for long periods of time
  • Help to create better alignment of the body
  • Help prevent fallen arches which can lead to other issues such as Plantar Fasciitis

What to look for

So, what do you look for in a supportive sandal?

  • Removable insoles with arch support so you have the option to replace them with custom made orthotics
  • Sturdy soles that provide good shock absorption
  • Soft material to avoid blisters and irritation
  • Adjustable straps, to help provide greater support

If you are unsure of what sandals are best suited for your feet, contact your Podiatrist for a foot assessment. They can advise you on which sandals can provide you quality arch support with the look and feel of a regular sandal.

Moreland Podiatry

If you are interested in improving your foot support, yet still have the ability to wear sandals during the summer months, Moreland Podiatry stock Reverse Sandals, Dr Comfort Sandals as well as Archies Thongs. These are available in various sizes and colours.

Our Podiatrists can assess your feet and provide you with the sandals that are best suited for you.

Call Moreland Podiatry if you have any further questions regarding your feet or book an appointment online to speak to one of our expert podiatrists today.